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It was 2013 and Allison, our founder, was switching careers. With a degree in visual arts under her belt, she decided to stick true to her creative side.  She designed a pink (yes, pink) resume. She used the brand colors of the company she was applying for to stand out from the other applicants.  And guess what? It worked!
Not only did it get the attention of the hiring manager, it got the attention of everyone she showed it to. They all wanted something that would make them stand out and, most importantly, something that would work. 

​While working full time, Allison put her creative skills to use and her resume designs continued to work. Client after client, people were getting calls and what was even more exciting is that they actually wanted to show their resume off!  As people continued to get their dream jobs with the help of Allison’s creative designs, word started to spread.  
Then, clients found that in order for the designs to be even more effective, they needed killer content. Knowing her expertise was in design, Allison joined forces with Amanda, a certified professional resume writer, in 2015. Together, they were able to start offering optimized content and memorable designs, thus becoming a full service resume creation firm.  
Our content was getting resumes in front of real humans and our designs were making lasting impressions. 
As our clients continued to find success, word of mouth spread and we created a team of amazing certified resume writers that help our clients land the jobs they deserve. 

Allison and Amanda have continued to evolve as a team and as individuals. In 2018, Amanda added a certification as a professional career coach to her tool belt and we have since expanded our services to provide clients with full service personal branding and coaching programs. 

We love what we do and are so happy to have been able to work with over 3,000 clients across the globe. We look forward to working with you as well. 

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Our sincerest thanks, 

The Elevated Resumes Team